Be Nice, you worth it

Yes, it is an art. Being nice, that is. It is easy to react to anyone in line with our present disposition, but that would not be a smart move. In fact, it is very selfish and bad manners.

Most of us make this mistake. Every day we go through different challenges in life and our state of mind would be along those lines. The problem is say someone is having a pleasant day and he throws a funny remark at you in a very nice, jovial way and given your frustrated state of mind at the moment, you give him back a disparaging remark.

You may justify that you did what you did because you were feeling bad, sad or outright dull. But the fact remains that you ruined the pleasant day of another human being.

Go figure!

Now, look at it this way: If you were to just hold off on brooding on your state of affairs and actually made an effort to reciprocate pleasantly to his funny remark with a smile, then one thing would have led to another and the happiness he was carrying would have infected you too and things would have turned for the better.

Then you would have had two happy people.

That is the power of being nice! This is the power of reciprocating true emotion when a genuine emotion is thrown your way.

I am not saying it is an easy thing to do, but I am saying that is the right thing to do. And the results aren’t bad, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyone can make a person unhappy, but how many can make someone happy with a simple remark?
Everyone can.

But the difference one who can and one who can’t is this: It is the one who tries, makes an effort can do it.

It is as simple as that.



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