Personal Devices at Workplace

Employees that are carrying their personal devices at workplace may term as the threat for the organization in some manners; that is why most organization that have sensitive data hardly allow employee to connect their portable devices with the system. It is bring your own device era but any misconduct by the employees within company premises may mark the company liable.  The number of risks involve with personal devices use by employees are listed below:

–         Social Media Network: Companies restrict the users to browse social media websites to save time and concentration of employee from extra activities to the work that they are designated to perform. Employees therefore use their own mobile devices for social media updates such as Twitter, that diverts their attention from work and any misconduct may harm name of organization.

–         Driving and Devices: Another prospect of hazard is employees that are driving in their duty hours or further assigned jobs as company representatives, use different devices. Company may keep an eye on those that are within the premises, but cannot monitor everyone driving and checking emails, taking photographs or talking on cell phone. Due to this misbehaviour, if any accident happens to occur, not only driver but company become responsible and have to pay for.

–          Unsecured Devices: Devices that are missed, no matter were owned by employees or organization is one of the threats to the safety of company data. In order to avoid such losses, company must include this in their policy that in lose or leakage of any company strategies and internal information by employees will mark them liable.

–          Abusive Content: Any kind of abusive content in the form of text message, email or social media update by employees is not their personal matter in working hours. Misbehaviour by employees to anyone outside the organization by using devices with in the company premises may lead to case file against the company.

–          USB and Hard Drive: Some organizations do not allow employees to connect their data storage devices with office system in order to secure company data. It has been evident that use of personal data storage increases the chances of stealing the sensitive data.


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